A Short Introduction to Horizen (ZEN)

Horizen (ZEN) ecosystem

  • The PoW mainchain lies at the center of the ecosystem. It distributes the native token, ZEN, and ensures the security of Horizen with a wide decentralized network of nodes.
  • The Multi-Tiered node network is one of the largest in crypto including over 43,000 active Horizen nodes. Anyone can run their own ZEN node and earn passive income — however, that requires a minimum of 42 ZEN (about $3,700 at the time of writing) and some technical skills. To profit without running your own node, it’s possible to use a node hosting service.
  • PoS sidechains are customizable and decentralized chains that businesses and developers can build with the Zendoo protocol. These chains process thousands of transactions per second at low fees without security threats. Any type of rule can be deployed as a sidechain, which allows for dApp design freedom. The chains can be both auditable and privacy-preserving.

Oracles in the Horizen ecosystem

What can you build on Horizen?

What is a ZEN block explorer?

How can I access the ZEN ecosystem via nodes and block explorers?

  1. Go to NOWNodes and hit the yellow “Get free API key” button. Enter your email and receive the key in a few seconds.
  2. Head on to our Docs, the ZEN directory in the BlockBook API folder. Here, you will see a requests library for getting a block height, transaction status, wallet balance, tickers list, block hash, balance history, and much more. Find the request that suits your needs.
  3. Copy the example request and paste the API key from your e-mail in it. Your request is ready to be run.

Why NOWNodes?

  • Competitive connection speed. Our API’s response time is less than 1 second, which ensures you can always get fast updates from the ZEN block explorer.
  • We’re always on. NOWNodes’ uptime rate is 99.95%. If any issue with the connection occurs, our strong backup system gets you covered.
  • Flexible pricing. Free 20,000 requests daily and three diverse plans for more — take a look at them here and reach out to us at sales@nownodes.io to choose the plan and to get your API key.
  • 40+ other block explorers are available. If Horizen block explorer is not the only one you need, access dozens of others within the same plan: no overpaying and switching between numerous node providers necessary.
  • Responsive support team. We’re ready to help 24/7. To contact us, click the support chat icon at the bottom right.

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Get fee-free access to the major blockchains’ nodes on nownodes.io!

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Get fee-free access to the major blockchains’ nodes on nownodes.io!

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