BitsCrunch and NOWNodes Launch Partnership to Bring Multi-Chain NFT API Data Analytics and Forensics to the NOWNodes Ecosystem.

3 min readMay 29, 2023
NOWNodes x bitsCrunch Strategic NFT API Partnership

29th of May, 2023

Munich, Germany

As NOWNodes continues its journey in providing blockchain-as-a-service to enterprises, startups, and individual developers, its new partnership with bitsCrunch will create a holistic offering to all new and existing projects requiring NFT forensics and analytics.

NFT API partnership.


‘’Providing this data is important for all projects that want to create a better user experience with more transparency and price-value tools in any NFT-related project.’’ Says Kevin Conabree, Global Head of Growth at bitsCrunch. ‘’We provide data for over 70 million tokens across many of the same networks in which NOWNodes provides data to their customers. This cohesiveness allows for easy use of our APIs in parallel to customers using NOWNodes infrastructure.’’

The partnership will focus on targeting and referring all NFT-based projects to add extra data and forensic features to their project. “We are happy to be a part of this collaboration to bring the most comprehensive NFT data APIs to our customers with the support of bitsCrunch”- says NOWNodes’ — CEO. “In frames of this partnership, we will provide NFT data APIs such as Ethereum NFT API, Polygon NFT API, Binance NFT API, Solana NFT API, Avalanche NFT API, and other blockchains supporting NFT token infrastructure.’’

The two companies come up with extensive NFT metadata APIs, like NFT minting API (NFT creation API), which customers can use to create and mint new NFTs. This mint NFT API requires authentication and authorization to ensure the proper ownership and control of the NFTs. Also, there are available services such as NFT floor price API, NFT rarity API, NFT verification API, NFT analytics API, and others.

About bitsCrunch.

bitsCrunch aims to provide a consistent and reliable experience for digital asset (NFT) markets.

Using bitsCrunch data, dApp developers, traders, and collectors can build models

to estimate the base value of NFTs, produce tailored market reports and fraud and wash trade analysis, account for price manipulation, protect against forgery, and better understand the latent opportunity in NFTs. The ultimate vision of bitsCrunch is to be the standard NFT analytics engine for all global dApps.

About NOWNodes.

NOWNodes, as a SaaS company, is providing secure and stable access to full 74 RPC nodes of the most popular blockchains via API key, including Polygon node, Cardano node, Solana node, Avalanche node, Binance node, Monero remote node, and many others. The company is well-known for its scalability and affordability. The prices for the premium service tend to save the clients’ budgets and, as it is settled in the NOWNodes’ SQS, the uptime is 99,95% and it is constantly monitored for delivering high-quality service.

‘‘Our main duty is to save the client’s budget. We are proud that we got known for our scalability, we take on our side everything related to the deployment and maintenance of the RPC node. It is a good sign that all our clients face the decrease of the budget, which they spend on their technical maintenance and the rise of the user experience due to our high uptime’’- mentioned NOWNodes’ CEO.

Relationship between bitsCrunch and NOWNodes.

bitsCrunch and NOWNodes have long-lasting relationships in the crypto field. For over a year NOWNodes has been the official provider of RPC node infrastructure to bitsCrunch. Today both of the companies started a new cooperation between them. The companies offer a complete list of NFT metadata APIs, such as token metadata, ownership, transaction history, and other relevant services. According to both parties, the integration should bring about positive impactful change for users who transact on NFT marketplaces.

NFT metadata API

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