Get Access to Dash Blockchain Explorer

What is Dash (DASH)?

What is a Dash block explorer?

What information can you access with DASH block explorer?

  • Check wallet balances,
  • See the daily number of blocks and their contents, block height, address growth, and balance history,
  • Send a transaction and learn about its status,
  • Learn about certain wallet addresses.

How to use a DASH block explorer?

Why NOWNodes?

  • 40+ blockchains available. If you ever decide to build on other blockchains than Dash, you’ll already have access to them within the current pricing plan. No searching for other platforms and paying them will be necessary.
  • High speed. Our API sends responses within less than 1 second so you can instantly update your service with the Dash data.
  • Reliability. Our API uptime is 99.95%. For the remaining 0.05%, we have a backup infrastructure that will get you covered in case there is a problem with the main Dash node.

Bottom line



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