Guarda Wallet Has Made a Fortune Using Outsourced Crypto Nodes — 5 Steps on How to Grow Crypto Business

5 min readJan 20, 2023
Guarda Wallet has made a fortune using outsourced crypto nodes

This year Guarda wallet has shown massive growth and business consolidation caused by using outsourced crypto nodes.

The company’s assets increase, leading to a corresponding surge in profits. But is the situation of the famous company really so serene? Let’s evaluate it first.

In 2022 Guarda wallet made an ultimate decision to stop in-house crypto node deployment. By making such a choice the company got the freedom to concentrate only on important tasks such as App deployment and company development. This is a major change in the company’s infrastructure, which led to increased stability and reliability of the service.

Guarda wallet CEO Paul Sokolov has commented on his decision: “Crypto industry is a very competitive market, the standards are growing constantly, new companies are rising each day, and we have to do our best to keep our company in the primary positions”.

Let’s discover the steps which caused the increase in the company’s profit.

  1. Evaluate the current situation. Identify tasks that consume significant time and affect daily efficiency.
Every day efficiency. What tasks take up a major part of your time?

The CEO of the famous wallet has announced the reasons which affected his resolution. Here is the checklist to evaluate whether your company has similar complications:

  • Continuous obligation to deploy new assets;
  • Expensive infrastructure maintenance;
  • Engagement of DevOps engineers in node deployment upkeep;
  • Frequent crashes of crypto nodes;
  • Financial and time resources are spent on maintaining the company rather than facilitating desired expansion.

If at least one point applies to your ongoing situation, it is a mark to consider blockchain nodes outsourcing.

Currently, Guarda wallet supports 400K+ assets, and as the company grows, it is getting more and more complicated to support internal infrastructure. Guarda wallet’s team maintains a network of servers in several data centres and employs a team of highly skilled developers and DevOps engineers to support it day and night.

2. Consider outsourcing as a means to expedite operational processes.

Any crypto wallet, exchange, or payment system owner knows the pain of waking up at 3 am when a DevOps engineer announces the ugly truth: “The node is down”. Internal cryptocurrency node deployment bears significant labor costs for any crypto project. It is becoming clear why major businesses are searching for ways to optimise their operational expenses.

Guarda’s CEO said, “As a major wallet platform, it’s more convenient for us to utilize a reliable blockchain node provider for hosting crypto nodes than to deploy them in-house. I can say that in-house node deployment is incredibly stressful and quite expensive. That is the reason we decided to look for a reliable blockchain node hosting provider we could work with.

3. Perform proper outsourcing market research.

Perform proper outsourcing market research

It is crucial to do market research before making a decision. When choosing a blockchain node hosting provider, it is important to look at a company’s reputation, security and the technical packages they offer.

Following extensive market analysis we have chosen NOWNodes due to their reliability and wide range of different blockchain nodes. These features are very important for us as for a multi-currency wallet because we have to add new coins constantly to maintain the value for our clients”, Paul says.

4. Choose a stable and trustworthy service provider.

Key partners serve as crucial points of trust in the crypto market. It is significant to mention that NOWNodes belongs to a group of companies led by the well-known crypto exchange ChangeNOW. This fact could accurately explain Guarda’s choice of the crypto nodes hosting provider.

“One more important point for us is the possibility to check complicated issues with their support because it makes our team’s work easier and more efficient. NOWNodes provides SLA, which makes our working process easy, and the cooperation is completely transparent. In Guarda Wallet, we deliver premium quality service and for us, it is essential to have all crypto nodes stable and in sync with the blockchain, because our service depends mainly on blockchain nodes”, Paul Sokolov mentioned.

Every crypto wallet requires access to balances and transaction histories, both of which NOWNodes provides through its crypto nodes and explorers. Integration was straightforward. The company provides API for blockchain nodes, so there was no need to make any significant changes. NOWNodes is completely responsible for new node deployments, failed node recovery, and node version updates.

What can NOWNodes offer?

  • Access to 60+ blockchain nodes via one API key;
  • Access to blockchain explorers;
  • Free month test of the service;
  • 24/7 highly qualified technical support;
  • SLA.

5. Invest all available resources in sales and marketing.

Best decision to improve sales and marketing

“The entire transition process lasted a couple of months. For security reasons we were transferring our cryptocurrency nodes hosting to NOWNodes in stages, and it allowed us to test the service first before deciding to move our resources to this company’s hosting completely. This decision allows us to minimise operational expenses, such as server maintenance and hiring of new developers. I can say that these changes were crucial, as they have allowed us to focus on targeted actions for growth such as sales and marketing. This decision allowed us to focus on enhancing the wallet’s development and increasing its profitability”, confesses Guarda’s CEO.

It is becoming clear that Guarda does not need to occupy their developers with the crypto node maintenance anymore. The company got down to expansion and profit raising, which is pivotal in a fast-paced crypto environment.




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