Hot vs Cold Wallet: How Do You Store Your Crypto?

The Difference Between Hot Wallets And Cold Wallets

Hot Wallets

Atomic Wallet

  • This is one of the most well-known hardware wallets out there. There are several editions but generally, they come in little flash drives that look like simple USB-sticks. Now, the difference here is, you can store thousands of cryptocurrencies on there. With the support of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, you are able to store whatever you like on there. The wallet looks fancy and it works smooth.
  • Usually, the Trezor wallet is the number one wallet that’s being compared to the Ledger in the race for the best hardware wallet out there. The Trezor is a little device that looks like one of these virtual machines that let you breed your own little animal back in the day. However, this machine allows you to store more than a thousand different cryptocurrencies and it works smoothly with loads of hot wallets.

How to Find The Right Wallet?

  • What kind of cryptocurrency user am I?
  • Do I trade every single day?
  • Did I just buy my crypto’s and I plan to hold them for years?
  • Do I use cryptocurrencies to make payments?
  • How many cryptocurrencies are you holding?
  • Are you willing to spend a little more to gain some more security?
  • Is the wallet that I am with now custodial, or non-custodial?
  • What is the company behind the wallet?
  • Who is on the team?
  • Where are they from?
  • Can I trust them?



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