How to check balance on Zilliqa (ZIL)?

What is Zilliqa?

In 2016, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore proposed an idea of how to build an Ethereum-like network that would be more scalable and have a higher throughput. This is how Zilliqa was conceived — a platform that handles thousands transactions per second, while Ethereum usually does not more than 10–15.

How to check balance with Zilliqa block explorer? A 2-step guide

  • Get a personal API key to access our block explorer for free. To do this, contact us at, or simply click the “GET FREE API-KEY” button on our main page. Fill in the form:
  • Here is a sample request to get the ZIL balance:
curl -d '{"id": "1","jsonrpc": "2.0","method": "GetBalance","params": ["your_address"]}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H 'api-key: your_API_key' -X POST ""



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