Making Money with NOWNodes

Nowadays we witness the unbelievably flourishing crypto boom. It seems like everyone has gone bonkers about mining coins and making the most of cryptocurrencies. As you may already know, cryptocurrency is not just about mining, and there are multiple ways of profiting from crypto. One of these methods is setting up and launching nodes on NOWNodes.

Nodes: How Do They Work?

There are three main functions of nodes: accepting and rejecting a block of transactions, storing them and broadcasting transaction history to other nodes.

It is important to mention that there are two types of notes: full and lightweight. Full ones store a complete transaction history of the coin and are available 24/7 while the light nodes are responsible only for downloading and keeping block headers of the blockchain.

Ways to Start Earning with NOWNodes

NOWNodes is a 24/7 service provided by ChangeNOW which gives you simple, fast and secure access through RPC to various nodes.

NOWNodes is easy to use as you do not have to control the nodes — everything is done for you. Masternodes, which are used in NOWNodes, maintain network operations and increase transaction speed. Moreover, they guarantee the stable and secure work of the network.

How to make money from masternodes? Simply speaking, getting profit from nodes means you are rewarded with some amount of cryptocurrency with the creation of every new block of a transaction.

All you need for starting making a profit is just a computer with a static IP address and a cryptocurrency wallet that should stay synchronized with the blockchain 24/7. It is very convenient to use the advantages of NOWNodes as you don’t have to create a new masternode — it is already provided to you by the service. You can choose any masternode you wish according to the cryptocurrency you hold like Bitcoin, Dash, and even Callisto.

NOWNodes allows you to connect to the blockchain via a public full node. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a fee. There’s a wide range of the most famous cryptocurrencies. The service is known for the unlimited access to German-located full nodes of these cryptocurrencies and providing safe and reliable connection via RPC protocol.

Final Words

It is easy to get a stable income without sparing too much effort using masternodes. You can have a stable passive profit and don’t think of buying and launching a rig or going trading. Still, setting up a node can be quite expensive, but having a decent plan in your hands and using a reliable service like NOWNodes gives you a solid chance of getting sensible profit running a masternode.

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