TRON DAO x NOWNodes AMA: TRON DAO News on Stablecoin Transactions, TRX Payments, and USDT TRX Staking

5 min readSep 20, 2023

NOWNodes, a blockchain-as-a-service provider, and TRON DAO, a leading blockchain platform, conducted a valuable Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the X (Twitter) platform. On the 7th of September participants had the opportunity to access insights directly from the experts into the latest developments, achievements, and future news of these prominent players in the blockchain industry.

The experts of each Web3 company gave comprehensive answers providing a deeper understanding of valuable Web3 companies such as TRON DAO and NOWNodes.

The live broadcast reached more than 1,000 participants and covered a wide range of topics. During the event, participants had discussions on topics such as the latest TRON news, TRX payments, stUSDT TRX staking, and future plans for TRON DAO. Moreover, participants explored the understanding and advantages of the NOWNodes service.

AMA session started with the latest TRON news and achievements within the TRX ecosystem. David Uhryniak, the digital transformation and blockchain technology expert, represented the TRON network and shared the latest TRON news:

“TRON has had a really amazing year. For the last year our total accounts grew by more than 63% in a 12 month period. Yet we’ve also done nearly 6.5 billion transactions total on the network, and it’s still running strong.”

TRON DAO has recently introduced the 5th season of HackaTRON, which aims to enhance community engagement and participation. David mentioned:

“If you have a project that you’re planning to enter, be sure to do it soon.”

The AMA session proceeded with a discussion on stUSDT staking on TRON. StUSDT staking on TRON is an innovative product that was launched in July and continues to develop.

Another topic of discussion was the advantages of processing stablecoin transactions on TRON, and the growth and potential of stablecoins in the finance industry. TRON DAO highlighted the security of TRON’s DAO infrastructure…




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